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I’m really pleased he’s showing an interest in books, even if it’s currently just for the bright colors. #cutiepie #storytime #drseuss

Two baby elephants hold each other’s trunks as they run with the herd.
"Can I call you? I miss the sound of your voice." - (via bodv)

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I’ve obviously been MIA for almost a week. Life, man.

Towards the end of last week, all three of us caught some sort of cold. Zach is mostly over it, and Bret and I are left to suffer for a couple more days. I’ve turned into a mouth breather cause my nose is useless right now.

He also left for PTA earlier today. I’m gonna try to make this week go by as fast as possible. I do have a shit ton of errands I have to tend to tomorrow, and I’m gonna be traveling all over the island to do so. -_- I may take Bret to the Easter egg hunt Wednesday they have on base. Zach’s Sgt. Major was talking to me about it and told me I should bring him even though I’m obviously going to be getting the eggs for him.

Oh, and I’m currently waiting for this Blood Moon to happen. It was partly cloudy half an hour ago, and now it’s drizzling. The sky has 20 minutes to clear up or I’m gonna be pretty effin’ bummed.

Soooo… yeah. There’s a pointless update as to why I’ve been gone for awhile.

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FaceTimin his Mamaw and PawPaw. (:
FaceTiming his Mimi.😊💙